Gentle Action: Bringing Creative Change to a Turbulent World

Welcome to the Gentle Action website. The purpose of this site is to encourage debate and exchange ideas on what F. David Peat has termed Gentle Action.

In his new book Gentle Action: Bringing Creative Change to a Turbulent World Peat argues that while individuals, organizations or governments take action or give aid, often from the best of motives, it is sometimes the case that such action is disruptive and damaging to a community, economy or environment. The reasons are that in some many cases plans and policies do not take into account the complexity and delicate nature of the systems that surround us. Moreover the nature of the organization that attempts to bring about positive change may be more rigid than the system it seeks to alter. In addition so often the organization is now working from within the system but imposing change from outside.

The solutions proposed in the book are that new forms of "gentle action" are needed, actions which begin from within the system in question and emerge in creative ways.. These may range from projects on an international scale to a simple action by an individual. Such actions generally flow from what Peat has termed "creative suspension" - that temporary pause when we listen and learn what the system has to teach us before taking action.

The Library section of this website contains papers that explore the nature of Gentle Action.

The Cases section gives examples of positive Gentle Action.

We invite you to send in your own experiences, examples, thoughts and creative solutions to which will then be posted on this site.

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